Winter Isn’t the Only Time For Generators in New Hampshire

Generators in New Hampshire from Chamberlin ElectricWith the snow and ice behind us, you may think it’s time to pack away your generator until the next big winter storm hits. Before you bury your generator behind the snowblower and shovels, you many want to keep it handy for the warmer months as well. Heavy downpours and summer storms can cause power outages as well, leaving your home or business in the dark if unprepared. Here are a few reasons to consider upgrading or purchasing generators in New Hampshire or Massachusetts for both the spring and summer seasons.

Air Conditioning

The hazy, hot, and humid days of summer are still ahead of us, and the dependence on air conditioners to keep us cool and comfortable will soon begin to skyrocket. When a vicious summer thunderstorm hits and knocks out power lines, the hot and muggy weather can be unbearable to deal with for hours or days on end. A backup generator can be used to operate your air conditioning system, keeping your home as comfortable as possible until normal electrical power is restored.

Refrigerators & Freezers

Whether you own a commercial food service operation or just did the grocery shopping for the family, power outages during the warmer months can be especially disastrous for refrigerated and frozen foods. If perishable food such as raw meats, poultry, or dairy are left out for too long, they can become unsafe to eat, and must be discarded. Utilizing a generator to keep your refrigeration and freezer units up and running can save your business or home hundreds of dollars in food waste, and keep your entire food supply safe through any storm.

Computer Programs & Software

If either your commercial or home business depends on the use of computer-based programs or software, a sudden power outage can put your sensitive data at risk for irreversible loss or damage. Backup generators are a great way to keep your business up and running no matter the weather, and protect your data from the threats that power outages can bring, especially when you are not expecting it.

As a leading source for generators in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, Chamberlin Electric is here to provide you with the answers, service and products you need before the next big storm hits. For more information, call 603-595-9473.