Routine NH Generator Maintenance: Part 1

The reason you install a backup generator for your home is to ensure that you still have electricity if the power goes out due to weather or other unexpected events. Because your generator is there in case of an emergency, you want to know that it will work when you need it. The best way to ensure that your NH generator is ready for anything is to keep up with routine maintenance.


In this article, we’re going to take a look at the basics of routine generator maintenance in NH.


Visual Inspection

We start with a visual inspection to check for signs of wear, damage, or leaks. Inside the generator, we inspect the fuel system, including the fuel lines, filters, and tanks, for any signs of deterioration.


Fluids and Lubricants

A generator is an engine, so it requires oil and other fluids, just like your car or lawnmower. Check the oil and coolant levels periodically, top them off if necessary, and change the oil and oil filter at the interval recommended by the manufacturer. Generators also have air and fuel filters that you should replace as needed. To ensure easy access and to keep the generator running smoothly, lubricate the moving parts and hinges if they feel stiff.


Battery and Electrical System

For your generator to kick in when you need it, the battery and electrical systems need to be ready and working properly. We first inspect the battery and ensure the terminals and cables are clean. Next, we check the battery and charging system. The last thing you need in a power outage is a generator with a dead battery. The generator also has a control panel that the inspecting electrician will check for faults or error codes.


Cooling System

Even in the winter, a generator can overheat if the vents are blocked, or the cooling system is not operating properly. Clear debris away from the generator, especially this time of year when fallen leaves are everywhere. Inside the generator, the coolant mixture and levels need to be at the manufacturer’s specifications to prevent overheating. If there are signs of leaks or wear on the hoses or clamps, repair or replace them so you don’t lose any coolant.


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There is, of course, more to NH generator maintenance than what we’ve covered in this article. To give you a complete overview of what our electricians do to maintain your generator, we’re going to continue the list in our next blog post. Check back soon for more, and get in touch with us for all your NH generator maintenance needs!


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