Generators NH: Keep Your Generator Clear

Have you finished your spring yard work? If you have a standby generator, you might have a little bit of yard work left to do. Generator maintenance isn’t limited to what’s inside the unit and its connection to your home. You also need to make sure that the area around your generator is clear. At Chamberlin Electric, we’re the experts on generators in NH and how to maintain them year-round.


Here are some tips for maintaining your generator while you’re finishing up your yard work this spring.


Trim foliage and plants around the generator.

Many people have plants or gardens near their standby generators. While these plants probably won’t hurt your generator, the heat that comes off your generator while it’s in use may kill your plants. If you have foliage surrounding your generator, it’s a good idea to trim it back. You’ll save your plants from the heat from the generator, and it will be easier to access the unit for routine maintenance and repairs.


Don’t put fences too close to the generator.

We know that generators aren’t always the best-looking additions to your yard, but you need to be careful how you obscure it from view. To run smoothly, your generator needs air to flow freely around it so that it doesn’t overheat. If you put up a fence to hide your generator, don’t put it too close to the unit. You also should not close it off on all sides. To allow for enough airflow, only put up enough fencing to hide the generator from view rather than enclosing it completely.


Keep a clear 3-foot radius.

For your generator to operate properly and to keep your home and family safe, you should leave three feet of clear space around all sides of the generator. This allows air to flow freely around it and prevents anything near it from being damaged by heat. You should also avoid putting anything on top of the generator, even for a short time. When the generator is running, it gets very hot, and it can melt or damage objects left on top of the unit.


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