NH Generator: More Facts About the Transfer Switch

In our last post, we started to look at the details of the transfer switch, an important component of a standby generator setup. There is more information than we could cover in one article. So, we’re finishing our explanation of the transfer switch and how it works here. Whether you already have a generator or are thinking about getting one installed, finding a good electrician is essential. Our team at Chamberlin Electric is trained in the installation, operation, and maintenance of Generac generators, so you can rely on us to take care of your NH generator and your home.


Here is the second part of our look at the transfer switch and the role it plays in your NH generator setup.


Compatibility and Capacity

Different switches are designed to work with different generator setups. Matching the transfer switch to your generator’s capacity is paramount. Your electrician will ensure that the switch can handle the total load of your connected appliances and devices. This avoids potential issues and maximizes the effectiveness of your backup power system.


Installation Location

The transfer switch is like the command center of your backup power system. It’s typically installed near the main electrical panel of your home, so it can serve as a centralized and secure point of control. This placement ensures ease of access and efficient functionality.


Safety Features

It’s important that your generator only kicks in when it’s needed, so transfer switches have safety features preventing simultaneous connections to utility and generator power. These features protect your generator from damage and ensure the overall safety of your electrical system.


Testing and Maintenance

Like any critical system in your home, periodic testing and maintenance are essential. Regular checks ensure that your transfer switch is ready to perform when needed. With standby generators, these checks can involve manual testing or automatic exercise runs.


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The transfer switch ensures the automatic and safe transition of electrical loads in the event of a power outage. It is a critical component of your NH generator setup so you can continue to power your home and keep your family safe. With continued maintenance from our team at Chamberlin Electric, you won’t even have to think about your generator. You can have peace of mind knowing the lights will stay on.


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