NH Generators: Routine Maintenance Part 2

In our last blog post, we started an overview of routine maintenance for your generator. But there is more to maintaining NH generators than we could fit into a single article. To give you a complete picture of what our electricians do when they inspect your generator, we are continuing our look at routine generator maintenance.


Our electricians at Chamberlin Electric always perform careful and thorough inspections of our customers’ NH generators. Here is the second part of our list of routine maintenance checks.


Fuel System

Most generators use propane or natural gas for fuel, so in addition to having a reliable fuel supplier, you also need to test and treat the stored fuel to prevent contamination. Water and debris can also become trapped in the fuel tank, which is why we inspect and clean it periodically. To ensure the fuel can flow and the generator can operate properly, testing the fuel pump and fuel lines is an essential part of generator maintenance.  


Exhaust System

All engines need to expel exhaust gases, and generators are no exception. A generator’s exhaust system needs to be properly ventilated and free of leaks to ensure that no dangerous fumes come too close to your home. Blockages in the exhaust can also impede the operation of the generator, so routine maintenance includes cleaning the exhaust pipe and muffler.


Control and Safety Systems

An automatic transfer switch tells your generator to kick in when your home loses power. We check the transfer switch as part of our inspection and maintenance routine so that your home’s essential systems and appliances are never without power.

The generator also has built-in safety features to prevent damage. These include overcurrent protection, low oil pressure shutdown, and over-temperature shutdown. The inspecting electrician will verify that these safety systems are working to keep your home safe and prevent damage to the generator.


Load Testing

Every generator model is rated to handle a certain capacity. To check that it can still handle its rated capacity, an electrician can conduct load tests. Additionally, an electrician can test the generator under a load that simulates real-world conditions to confirm that it can operate safely when you need it to generate power for your home.


Record Keeping

Finally, keeping detailed records of all maintenance performed on your generator will let you know when it needs to be inspected again. After the electricians complete their maintenance checks, hang on to your copy of the invoice so you know the date of the most recent inspection. Our team maintains generators for many customers in NH, so it is important to stay on top of the maintenance schedule and plan future maintenance.


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Generators are essential for many NH residents, and you want to know that you can rely on yours when you need it. Chamberlin Electric is a licensed Generac dealer, and we send all our technicians to the Generac factory in Wisconsin for installation and maintenance training. You can trust that we can handle all your generator maintenance and repair needs.


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