Tell-Tale Signs of Electrical Issues

NH electrician from ChamberlinMany of us chalk up home damages to age or moisture in the air, especially when it comes to electrical issues. We think flickering lights, unresponsive switches, or consistently blown fuses are results of too much voltage in one spot or moisture. While we continually believe this, you should be understanding what is happening, how often it is going on, and then call your electrician. Many of these everyday occurrences inside the home are warning signs that there may be something more going on with your wiring.


Frequently blown fuses

Many of us just learn to live with blown fuses over time. Many of us know not to have the hair dryer going while vacuuming or something of the like. However, this should not be something that happens all the time. For many homes, there are certain outlets and fixtures that are on the same circuit. So, when too many things are on and working on that circuit to protect itself, it will short the fuse so to spark, and you will need to go and flip the switch. Still, this is not something that should happen on a daily basis. While it is common, it may be a sign that there is something wrong with your wiring in the home.



Flickering lights

Ah, the flickering lights. For many of us who have seen one too many horror movies, flickering lights typically means that something is going to jump out and get us. While that is a simple explanation, the logical one is that there is something wrong with the circuits in your home. Flickering lights or blinking lights come from loose bulbs, but if that is not the case, you need to call your electrician. This issue can be limited to one room or the whole house depending on how severe the problem really is.



Outlets not working anymore

Considering that we rely on electricity for all of our appliances, it is important that you examine issues with light switches and outlets. Should an outlet or a switch stop working, it is a sign that the wiring for that particular outlet or switch is loose. It is a necessary fix since you may end up getting a shock as you plug in your necessities.



Smell of burning

As with anything else, a random smell of burning is never a good sign. It is an even worse sign when you turn on a light or use a particular outlet. A burning scent means that it is potentially overheating. The best thing you can do with this is not to use that plug and let an electrician come and check it out as soon as possible.




Common household issues are usually considered a regular part of your day to day routine. Rather than be worried most of the time, we just ignore it. However, when it comes to electrical safety, it is always best to be over cautious. For any questions regarding your wiring, never hesitate to call Chamberlin Electric at (603)-595-9473.