What It Takes To Be An Electrician

Electrician in Hudson, NHBecoming an electrician does not sound like the most glamorous job on the planet. Honestly, it isn’t. There is a lot of work and learning required. Education ensures that you are safe, your customers are safe, and all the buildings you work on are up to code. Manual labor is common, as well as a few shocks when you start. Electricians are an important part of our society. As we continue to develop technology, our reliance on electricity increases. The need for electricians will continue to grow. Explore the Trades is a good way to get information about the electrical field so that you can know if you are ready to become an electrician in Hudson, NH.




Nearly every job that you look into today requires a degree. The base certification you need as an electrician is a high school diploma. However,  you should also consider getting your Associates Degree from a local college. The more education you have, the more valuable you are to companies. There are also a variety of certification courses to attend. These help you stand out as a dedicated individual. You need to consider what you can accomplish and what requirements to satisfy. When it doubt, ask an electrician what they did and what they would recommend.



Training is another key component of becoming a master electrician. It doesn’t happen overnight. If it did, it would probably be tough to get out there! The best thing about an apprenticeship or on the job training is the knowledge you gain. You will get hands-on experience to help you learn how to wire, notice faulty wiring, and become accustomed to the NEC codes that you are required to follow.

The minimum apprenticeship is four years of schooling and 2,000 hours of job training. Once you reach this, you can branch out. The good thing is that many times, any college or certification credits you accrued get applied to the apprenticeship classroom hours. That amounts to 144 hours. Still, you will need to get your electrician’s license before you do any work. Training and the skills you learn are essential!



When you become an electrician in Hudson, NH, you join people who dedicate their lives to providing electricity. You need to be ready to see some crazy fixes by “do-it-yourself” renovators and people who have ignored the codes on the job. That is why having people like the staff at Chamberlin Electric who live by the NEC Guidelines is important.

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