5 Tips From Commercial Electrician To Save Power

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Are you looking to save some money and power this holiday? Your team of commercial electrician at Chamberlin Electric has tips that will help you save this season so that you can put your money towards preparing for the holidays.


1. Harness The Sun

The sun is hot. Twenty-seven million degrees hot, should we add. Open your blinds during the day and let the sun into you home. Once the sun starts to sink, close the blinds tightly so that the warm does not get a chance to escape. 


2. Insulation 

If you are running the heat in areas that have no insulation, you are probably wasting your money trying to use the heat. Try getting the insulation checked or replaced to ensure that you are getting the best out of the power you use for your heater. In addition, you should try sealing any cracks that you may find in your attic, basement, crawl spaces, or windows and doors with things like foam or caulk for additional warmth. 


3. The Heat is On 

Some of the coldest days of the year come up in the middle of December into the end of January. On these days, your heater will be working the most. To ensure that it is not going to waste, check your home for drafts from windows or doors and make sure that drafted areas are blocked off. When running the heat, you also want to make sure that none of the air vents are being blocked off. 


4. Dimming The Lights

During the holiday season, one might see a significant spike in their electricity bills. One of the reasons for this would be due to holiday lighting and decorations. The lighting on your Christmas tree alone can spike your bill up by 15-20 percent. LED light bulbs can burn up to 25 to 30 percent less than standard bulbs, and they have been proven to last longer. 


5. Lower the temperature

While you may not like this option, lowering the temperature to around 70 degrees can save you 10 percent of the money you would spend towards cooling and heating per year. Try lowering it when you are going to bed or are away from your home. 

Saving Money with Chamberlin Electric. 

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