Common Electricity Myths

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We live life based off of myths and superstitions whether we know it or not. Let’s take some time to debunk some electrical myths, shall we?

AFCI outlets

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Along with the GFCI outlets, no home is complete with out AFCI outlets. Further protecting your home from faulty wiring, AFCI outlets are now required.

Where are GFCI outlets required?

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GFCI, or Ground Fault Circuit Interruption have become standard in many homes and it has been a long time coming for these protective circuits.

Surge Protectors

Power surges are common when you try to use too much amperage from one outlet. Surge Protectors are the only way to protect against these surges.

What is a Kilowatt and Kilowatt hour?

Residential electrician in NH from Chamberlin

The Kilowatt and the Kilowatt Hour is how we determine out electrical usage. However, do many of us know what it is? Read more to learn about these units.