Which Type of Smoke Detector is Best for Your Home?

When it comes to protecting your family, there’s no room for error or chance. Smoke detectors are one of those areas that chance should not apply. With a quick call to your Derry, NH electrician, you can have the peace of mind you need knowing that smoke detectors in your home are working correctly.

Sure, you could hang the battery-operated versions, but how safe would you really feel? By hiring your local electrician, Chamberlin Electric, our team can hard-wire a smoke detection system directly into your home’s electrical source, ensuring the ultimate protection.


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Battery operated models

One of the most commonly used methods of smoke detection is the old-fashioned battery-operated smoke detector. Although many states are eliminating the use of this model in structures, millions of homes still use them. The following items are imperative to keep in mind if you have a battery-operated unit:

  • There should be one alarm in every bedroom
  • Each level in the home should have at least one unit outside of the sleeping rooms
  • If your alarm is “chirping” battery replacement is most likely needed
  • Battery operated units expire after 10 years
  • Every device has a manufacture date on the backside. There will be no alert to date expiration


Hard-wired systems

It’s been tested that hardwired and interconnected smoke alarm systems increase safety to the home. Not only are they more likely to operate with efficiency should a fire occur, but they’re more apt to get your family away from danger in a timely manner. Working directly with your home’s electrical system, hard-wired units do have a battery backup in the case of a power outage. Furthermore, the interconnected aspect means that each unit will communicate with one another for a faster alert response throughout the entire home.

Because of the intricacy involved, it’s always recommended to have a licensed electrician install this type of system. 


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To be sure your home has the maximum protection, contact the team at Chamberlin Electric today to schedule an appointment (603) 595-9473. As the go-to electrician in Derry, NH, and surrounding towns, we’ve earned a reputation for protecting families. Our team will of highly trained professionals will have the smoke detection system installed into your home, providing the peace of mind you deserve.