Seven Ways To Lower Energy Costs This Spring

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During these trying times, many homeowners are looking for ways to cut back on bills. While trying to prioritize between bills, people are often left overwhelmed. As your go-to residential electrician in NH, our team at Chamberlin Electric would like to take this moment to offer some trusted advice. With the following seven steps, you can reduce your electric bill and alleviate some of the unneeded worries of today.



Unplug devices when not in use

In a world that is living through digital means, devices and their chargers can zap up a significant amount of energy. Thus, quickly adding a substantial amount to your electric bill each month. When not in use, unplug devices such as computers, TVs, coffee makers, and charges to avoid unnecessary energy usage.



Utilize fans during the warmer months

Although we haven’t quite reached fan season, it’s right around the corner. Once the warmer air does arrive, it’s important to remember that while fans may not be able to replace air conditioners, they help reduce costs. Even combining fans with air conditioning can save money. Each degree lower you set on your air conditioner, results in a six percent increase in energy costs. Setting the thermostat a few degrees higher while supplementing with fans helps to distribute the cool air throughout your home. Thus, reducing energy usage at the same time.



Unused rooms? Close the doors

Heating and cooling rooms that aren’t in use is a waste of energy. Instead, try keeping doors and air vents closed for these areas. Basements and spare bedrooms are prime examples of areas costing you extra money!



Consider an inspection

When was the last time you had your heating or air conditioning unit inspected? By scheduling as inspection, you could help save hundreds of dollars per year. An inspection will help identify any potential leaks, necessary cleaning or repairs, as well as make sure your heating and cooling system is running as efficiently as possible.



Utilize your thermostat programming

Even though many of us are home – this won’t be the case forever! So, why cool your home when it’s empty? Programming your heating system to shut off or run at a cheaper temperature when you are away is an excellent way to reduce energy costs.



Consider a clothesline

Besides refrigerators, dryers typically use up the highest amounts of energy in your home. Take advantage of the warmer days ahead and hang laundry outside to dry. Not only will your clothes smell of fresh summer air, but this will help lower your electric bill in the process.



Energy Audit

Interested in finding more ways to cut costs in your home? Chamberlin Electric can help by performing a comprehensive energy audit. This includes analyzing your current electrical system for the most up to date safety regulations and standards, as well as determining simple ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home.




As the most trusted residential electrician in NH, our team is here to help you through these trying times. Contact us today for more information (603) 595-9473.