Safety Tips from your Electrician in NH!

NH electrician from ChamberlinThe weather is definitely getting warmer and summertime approached swiftly. It’s important to keep in mind that summer allows several electrical safety hazards that we want you to be aware of! Your local electrician in NH has put together a list of tips to make sure you and your family can enjoy a safe and fun summer.

Outdoor Summer Electrical Safety Tips

Especially in New England, summer is the time when everyone wants to enjoy some time in the sun. Here are some important safety tips you should keep in mind:

  • Never approach an electrical substation or downed power lines for any reason whatsoever. If you see someone enter that area, do not try to rescue them yourself. CAll 911 immediately.
  • Never climb on or play around a utility pole
  • Never play near or touch a power line with any part of your body, toy or any other object. You should always assume that any power lines are live and dangerous.
  • Tree climbing is such a fun summer activity for kids! However, please make sure that they never climb trees that are too close to power lines.
  • To avoid getting kites or other airborne toys stuck in power lines, play with these toys in wide open spaces.

Around the House Summer Electrical Safety Tips

Always remember: water and electricity do not mix well. Remember these indoor summer electrical safety tips:

  • Keep all electrical toys and appliances away from the water, including pools and bathtubs. Do not let your kids bring their handheld electronic games into the swimming pool this summer no matter how tempting!
  • Be entirely sure every electrical connection going to your pool or hot tub is fully grounded. The electricians in NH at Chamberlin Electric can provide pool and hot tub wiring to help keep you safe this summer.
  • Never use frayed or visibly damaged cords
  • Make sure your bathrooms, kitchen, basement, garage and any other potentially “wet” room shave GFI outlets installed. These outlets cut power to themselves when they sense electricity flowing inadequately and can help save you from dangerous shocks.
  • Make sure all air conditioners are plugged into grounded outlets. Never connect them to extension cords!

For any question about our summer electrical safety tips, contact Chamberlin Electric at (603) 595-9473