Residential Electrician MA: Safely Light Your Pool Area

We’ve reached the unofficial start of summer, and the official first day of summer isn’t far away. Many homeowners in Massachusetts and New Hampshire have opened their pools for the season and are looking forward to a summer of swimming and relaxing. Depending on the layout of your yard, your pool area may double as a patio or outdoor seating area, so you probably also use it at night. That means you need adequate lighting that is safe to use around your pool. If you’re upgrading the light around your pool area, you’ll need some help from a residential electrician in MA.


Keep your pool well-lit this summer! Here are some tips for safely lighting your pool area.


Use Waterproof Fixtures

Whenever you install lightning fixtures outside, you want them to be waterproof. That’s extra important when those fixtures are near your pool. They can get wet from splashing pool, water, leaky hoses, or any other outdoor water source. Using waterproof fixtures protects your home from electrical hazards caused by water hitting the fixtures.


Install Ground Fault Interrupters

If your home has outdoor outlets, they probably already have ground fault interrupters (GCFIs). GCFIs quickly shut off power in the event of a ground fault, reducing the risk of an electrical shock. When you install new lighting around your pool, you should connect them to circuits with GCFIs. In fact, all circuits near your pool should have GCFIs.


Add Motion Sensor Lighting

Lights activated by motion sensors are an easy way to increase security around your pool and decrease the risk of accidents in the dark. Even if you know the layout of your backyard like the back of your hand, you never know when there will be a pool toy in your path or a puddle on the patio. Motion sensor lights ensure that your pool area is always well-lit so you can see what you’re doing when you are near your pool in the dark.


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