6 Signs You Need New Residential Wiring

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As you most likely know, the electrical wiring in your home is a very complicated system. But, did you know more than 47,000 house fires in the United States are caused by faulty electrical work and wiring each year? All accidents that may have been avoided with a call to a local residential electrician.

In the past few decades, modern living and technological advances have placed more demands on the average home’s electrical system. However, many homeowners, especially in older homes, have failed to upgrade their wiring to keep up with the new demands. From in-home office equipment to gaming systems and smart homes, the increased draw of electricity can quickly overload an original circuit. This is just one of the many reasons you should consider replacing old wiring. Below are five more reasons to call Chamberlin Electric.



  • Frequent breaker and fuses replacement or tripping

Resetting the circuit breakers or replacing fuses is a sure sign that your current electrical system can’t handle the power demand. Supply and demand is fundamental economics, especially when it concerns the safety of your home.



  • You’re running several extension cords

While the use of extension cords seem a logical solution in many cases, they’re an indicator that your supply and demand ration is, again, off-balance. If you find yourself needing electrical extenders, chances are, you don’t have enough outlets. Older homes often have one or two outlets per room, far less than what is needed by most modern homes.


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  • Your home is reaching its golden years

Owners of homes built before 1985 should consider having the wiring evaluated by a local residential electrician. Although your home technically isn’t “old,” wiring code was much different then compared to now. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.



  • Flickering lights with appliance usage

If the lights in your home dim when the furnace kicks on, the refrigerator cycles, or other major appliances are in use, it’s time to look at your wiring. Flickering or dimming lights signify your old electrical wiring may not be able to power your home safely.



  • Your outlets are discolored

Although many homeowners associate discolored outlets with age, they’re also a sign of potential danger. If your wires are running hot, heat may extend through your outlets, leading to discoloration. If this is the case in your home, you most certainly do not want to wait to upgrade your electrical wiring.



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Ignoring old electrical wiring can be dangerous for you and your family. If you have encountered any of the situations listed above, it’s time to call your local residential electrician. At Chamberlin Electric, we’re a time of experienced professionals that will quickly and accurately evaluate and make your home a safer place.


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