NH Electricians: Prevent These 3 Winter Electrical Issues

Cold weather is here, which means now is a necessary time to ensure we’re taking the proper precautions to avoid any electrical issues, especially ones that result in damage. This month, we’re talking about three common issues that can arise during winter, and what you can do to avoid these problems. When you need electrical services, you can count on your local NH electricians at Chamberlin Electric to do the job!

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Space Heater Issues

Space heaters are commonly used during winter. However, as helpful as they are for keeping warm, they can be quite dangerous to operate and are at high risk of causing house fires. They also require a lot of electricity to operate, which can also leave you with a hefty electrical bill. 

It’s crucial always to unplug your space heater when you’re not using it. This is especially important to do when you’re not home. Since space heaters require more electricity to function correctly, never plug one into an extension cord. Ensure you have a reliable and dedicated outlet to plug your heater into.

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Breaker Trips

Winter is a time where the need for electricity is high, especially during the holidays. This includes using space heaters like mentioned previously, holiday lights and decor, and other electric appliances. Because of all the electricity demands, common issues like flickering lights and breaker trips can arise during the winter. 

If you consistently run into these issues, it may be time for an electrical panel upgrade or a heavy up. This will expand the electrical power of the electrical circuit in your home and grant you the ability to use more advanced technologies. This includes things like home theater systems, advanced appliances, and more. 

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Static Electricity

During winter, the weather is typically dry, resulting in a lack of humidity in the household. This also can cause a charge imbalance in dry materials. Static electricity is essentially a buildup of electric charge and poses a risk for damage and static shock. 

A humidifier is an excellent resolution to prevent static shock from occurring. The water vapor produced from the humidifier actually conducts the electric charge away from electrical currents or flammable items and reduces the potential for shocks.



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