Pool Season Is Coming. Do You Have a Residential Electrician?


While Mother Nature continues to jostle New England residents with unpredictability, one thing is for certain. That certainty – summer will eventually arrive. It has to, right? Sure, the wind and rain are putting a damper on spring, but as the number one residential electrician, our team at Chamberlin Electric promises the warm weather will come!

And, while the hot and humid days seem far away, the swimming season will be in full force when they arrive. However, what many homeowners overlook is the possibility of needing a trusted electrician. Whether inground or above, having a pool often requires a bit of electrical expertise. Here’s a look.


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Pump and motor issues.

Regardless of the type of pool you own, there is a pump involved. And, as the heart of your pool, having a properly functioning pump is a must. Whether the pump fails to work or operates at a lower than usual level, an experienced residential electrician can help.

The root of pump problems often lies with blown fuses, voltage fluctuations, faulty or corroded wiring, or other electrical concerns within the components.




Burnt out lights.

A burnt out bulb happens – we all know this. However, when it concerns a pool bulb, changing it out becomes a bit tricker than changing an indoor bulb. Often, pool chemicals eat away at the wiring behind the bulb. When this happens, water is allowed into the fixture, causing the bulb to short. In this instance, the best path is to replace the entire fixture, which requires a bit of expertise – especially in a filled pool!


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You purchased a new pool.

First off, congrats! Owning a pool brings many memories and enjoyable outside days during the summer. However, setting up the pool requires electricity – even above ground models. However, did you know that there are strict codes in place for the electrical source? Makes sense if you think about the two elements you’re dealing with!

An electrical source should be no closer than 20 feet from your pool if they are not GFCI protected, 6 feet if the source is protected. The source will also need to ensure ample power for what you intend to run. From pool pumps to heaters, timers to lights, the correct amount of power is unique from house to house.


Don’t get stuck waiting in line for a residential electrician to get your pool running. Instead, give the experts at Chamberlin Electric a call today! With decades of experience, our team will quickly assess and recommend the right services to ensure your outdoor season is one to enjoy!



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