Outside Living–Lighting and Sound

Ah, summer. The most beloved season of all as it brings individuals together and allows you to enjoy the weather day in and day out. Summer is the time when, at least in New England, people come out of their winter hibernation in exchange for patio time and late night hangouts with friends. As the years have gone by, the changes to how people enjoy the summer weather have definitely changed. Years ago fun was a cooler, a grill and a boom box. Today however, with the help of your electrician in Bedford, NH you are able to create complete outdoor spaces that are extensions to your home with all of the same comfort.

Audio Command mentions that with advances in technology and electrical, the outdoor spaces that were once simple decks have become complete outdoor rooms. They can be on the simple end as just a quaint sitting area that may have some fire pits in the center or, for the chef extraordinaire, complete kitchens to expand the horizons, and we aren’t talking the basic grill on the patio.

Some outdoor kitchens have become complete makeovers of indoor kitchens. These kitchens are coming, not only with the grill but with some very electrical built ins. Outdoor kitchens are slowly gaining fridges, pizza ovens, ice chests, wine coolers and even sinks. The outdoor kitchen is being built to withstand the elements and truly bring the indoors out. Adding in lighting and fans to the outdoor space allow for safety and lighting for the perfect mix of ambiance and safety.

Residential electrician from ChamberlinIn the past years it was common to illuminate a few places around the house such as pathways, stairs, the driveway and various landscaping highlights, however today you can bring the lighting outside, truly. With adjustable lighting the feel of an outdoor living room can truly complete a backyard oasis. But why should you stop at lighting, adding in LED televisions, projection screens, and complete sound systems into your yard. The advance of outdoor speakers alone is an amazing feat. Speakers made from birdhouses and planters add a new addition to your yard’s amazing design. The outdoors can become your own private drive in with the advancement in in ground speakers and sub-woofers. The opportunities for adding speakers and lighting into your yard are becoming endless, however, be sure that they are grounded properly.

Electrical Online references grounding as when you ensure that there is a path for electricity to move from a defective electrical outlet, appliance, fixture, tool, etc. into the earth. By grounding the wires in case of defect you are able to protect from electric shock or full out electrocution because it allows for the electricity to have another path. By grounding you are able to protect the workers, yourself, and various appliances. Added to making sure that you are properly grounded, your circuits should be wither GFCI or AFCI circuits which is required by the National Electrical code. Due to the nature of the work related to grounding wires, especially outdoor outlets only a licensed electrician in Bedford, NH should come and help you create your backyard oasis. Grounding of wires require digging, feeding and hooking up electrical currents, so it is not a do it yourself job.

We know, you are saying but winter is upon us and there is no use in thinking about this now. That is where you are wrong. Planning is a big part of creating your outdoor oasis. It is best to look into the options that you have now and consider how big of a job it will be. This will allow you to schedule ahead with your electrician and make a proper plan of attack for all of your technological outdoor needs.

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