Commercial Electrician: Outdoor Lighting Trends

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Summer is here and it’s time to spend as much time outside as you can! One of the best ways to extend your time outdoors is to add lights to your patios, walkways, porches, and backyard. Your ambient lit yard will be an ideal place to spend time during those warm summer evenings. At Chamberlin Electric, we can help make your vision come to life. A commercial electrician can help you plan and install your new outdoor lighting in a professional and time-efficient manner. Here are a few current outdoor lighting trends for inspiration! 


Outdoor String Lights


Ever-increasing in popularity, string lights have made their way from an indoor decor item to an outdoor one as well. Outdoor string lights are more durable and tend to last a long time making them a popular choice among homeowners. Additionally, these outdoor lights offer a unique warm feel making your porch or patio feel warm and cozy. 


Solar Powered Walkway Lights


Both energy-saving and environmentally friendly, solar-powered path lights have become a popular choice, lining patios, walkways, driveways, and pools. These solar lights are quick and easy to install and will act as the perfect accent lights around your home. 


Glass Lanterns


Looking for a more traditional lighting option for your yard? Glass lanterns have been an outdoor lighting choice in the New England area for decades. This classic outdoor lighting outlasts many of its competitors. Make sure if this is your lighting of choice, to have them installed in a more protective area, such as a covered porch to protect them from the weather and allow them to go on glowing for years to come.


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Smart Lights 


With technological advancements comes this up-and-coming lighting choice. Growing rapidly in popularity, smart lighting seems to be a fan favorite this season. These lights are often linked to a home security system, allowing the homeowner to control them via a mobile app or just by verbal command. Many of these high-tech lighting options come with motion sensors that allow you to effortlessly save energy without remembering to turn them off. The majority of these lights have wireless set up as well, making it simple to keep your home lit and safe. 


Commercial Electrician To The Rescue!


No matter what lighting you are looking for, you’ll need a commercial electrician to make sure your lights are wired correctly and safely. Chamberlin Electric has you covered! We have been providing commercial electrical services to New Englanders for over 25 years. With our excellent reliability and professional skillset, we can help light your outdoor space so that you can further enjoy what it has to offer.


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