Maintaining Your Generator After Severe Weather

The winter weather hasn’t been all that wintry so far, with many residents of NH and MA experiencing flooding in mid-December. Many households were also left without power. If you were one of those people, you were grateful you had a standby generator. However, it’s not enough to simply have a generator. It’s also important to know how to maintain your generator in NH during periods of severe weather. Your generator is supposed to help you protect your home and family, so proper maintenance is crucial.


Here is some advice from our electricians at Chamberlin Electric to keep your generator in NH and MA running in severe weather.


Prepare for Heavy Rain

During a period of heavy rain, when flooding is a concern, you want to ensure water cannot collect inside the generator housing and damage it. The position of your generator is key to avoiding flood damage. When electricians install a generator, they position it so water will drain away from it rather than pool around it. Depending on your landscaping, that can mean constructing an elevated spot or placing it at the top of an incline. Surrounding the generator with gravel also helps to drain water away from it.

After heavy rain, you should inspect your generator to ensure that it was not affected by flooding. Look for debris that may have found its way into the housing and clear it out, as well as the area around your generator.


Prepare for Ice and Snow

The winter weather we expect in NH and MA—ice and snow—is the cause of multiple power outages, and you want to know your generator is ready. When snow starts to accumulate on the ground, check that the area around your generator, especially the vents, is clear. If the vents are blocked, the generator can overheat and fail, even if it’s snow that’s blocking the vents. Ice and freezing rain can also make access to your generator difficult. Clear ice from the top of your generator so you can easily access it if you or an electrician need to take a look inside.


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