How to Choose the Right Generator

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With winter coming to an end in New England many people may not be thinking about a generator install.  However, spring and summer bring heavy storms and winds that often knock out the power.  Any time of year is a good time to have your local Hudson NH electrician professionally install your generator.  From large-scale commercial to sleek portable generators, Chamberlin Electric can help you choose which generator is best suited for your needs.

Automatic Home Backup

Directly delivering power to your home’s electrical panel, Generac generators make life easy when the power goes out.  Homeowners can customize specific areas to direct electricity to, or to the entire home. Either way, when the power goes out, your generator will automatically start within seconds of the outage.  Operating from natural or propane gas, the American Red Cross recommends an automatic home unit as the safer alternative when comparing to portable options.  A consultation with the professionals at Chamberlin Electric will help you determine the right size for your automatic home backup solution.

Portable Systems

If you’re not ready for a whole house generator, a portable system may be the better option.  Easy to use, a portable system provides homeowners 3-10 hours of electricity.  Generac offers a transfer switch which allows for an easy upgrade to a whole house generator when the time if right.  Portable generators are also an excellent option for campers! Lightweight and fuel-efficient, these generators can get you out of sticky situations with an easy on the go backup power source.

If you’re not sure which model will best suit your needs, contact Chamberlin Electric today.  With yearly visits to the Generac factory, our technicians are up-to-date on the latest training available.  Offering 24/7 emergency service, use Chamberlin for your next Hudson NH electrician. Call today at (603) 595-9473.