Energy-Saving Tips from a Commercial Electrician

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Small business owners are always looking for ways to save money and run more efficiently. One of the biggest ways to save money is to reduce the amount of energy your business uses. And when it comes to saving energy, every little thing helps. As a commercial electrician, Chamberlin Electric can help you save energy with upgrades to your business’s or office’s electrical system. In the meantime, there are some simple things you can do to save energy during your day-to-day operations.

Here are some easy energy-saving tips from a commercial electrician.


Use Energy-Efficient Equipment

When buying or leasing office equipment, look for items that are Energy Star rated. Appliances that sport the Energy Star symbol have been evaluated for their energy efficiency. Using those appliances will reduce your business’s energy use and save you money in the long run.


Program the Thermostats

If you run a business with regular hours, this is an easy step to take to reduce energy usage. The weather is getting cooler, and in some offices, the Thermostat Wars are beginning. By programming your thermostats to a set temperature during office hours, you can avoid inefficient energy use. And then you don’t have to remember to turn down the heat after hours or on the weekends.


Turn Off the Lights

Many homes and offices have made the switch to LEDs and energy-efficient bulbs, but there’s still no reason to leave the lights on when there’s nobody in the room. Get in the habit of turning off the lights when you leave a room. If your office has windows that let in enough sunlight, don’t even turn the lights on while you have enough daylight to work by.


Unplug What’s Not in Use

Have you heard of phantom or vampire energy? It might sound made up, but it’s a real thing, and it can account for a significant portion of your energy bill. It’s also very easy to cut down on how much power you are drawing from appliances and equipment that are not in use. Turn off power strips at the end of the day if nothing they are powering needs to stay on overnight. If your office has a kitchen or breakroom, unplug things like the coffee maker when no one is using them.


Chamberlin Electric: Trusted Commercial Electrician

Saving energy and money is important to everyone. If you need the services of a commercial electrician, call Chamberlin Electric. We offer several upgrade and maintenance services to businesses, including upgrading to LED lighting and installing generators.


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