Pools and Electrical Safety

electricianWith the summer here and individuals opening up their pools for the season, safety is essential. Your home is the prime location for many incidents during the summer, though you may not realize it – especially if you have a pool. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, in the ten years between 2003 and 2014, there were 14 deaths via electrocution in swimming pools. While swimming pools seem like harmless summer fun with the biggest danger being drowning, the reality is that there are many other ways that your pool raises your insurance rates.

Electricity around your pool can be a lethal combination. An electrician can easily help you find any electrical issues, but it is important to know between calls to know what you need to observe. There are many common areas to find electricity around a backyard pool. These electrical hot spots include:

  • Pool lights
  • Pool equipment
    • Pumps, filters, vacuums and more
  • Extension chords
  • Electrical outlets
  • Radios, TVs, and any electrical products for a party
  • Overhead power lines

Many of these cannot avoid being near the pool, such as lights and filters. Extension cords and outlets should always be a suitable distance from the pool, but sometimes this can be overlooked. Knowing what to look for in your yard for safety is key to avoiding an electric shock.

An electric shock is something you can avoid with proper wiring and grounding. Knowing the signs of surging is key to owning a pool. Many signs can be picked up on should a shock reach you. The most common indications that people notice are:

  • Tingling
  • muscle cramps
  • not be able to move/feeling as though something is holding you in place
  • Unsettled or panicked behavior
  • Motionless swimmers
  • Underwater lights that are not working properly (not on/flickering)

Should you notice any of these signs, either within your body or from other people, the power should get shut off immediately. Everyone should leave the water without using the metal ladders. Once you follow these steps, you need to call an electrician to check the groundings and your outlets to get back to the summer fun. Before you need to call an electrician in Bedford, NH you can practice these tips from the Electrical Safety Foundation International to prevent the risk of electric shock:

  • Keep all outlets covered
  • Invest in GFCI circuits
  • Make sure that all electrical wires and equipment are properly grounded
  • Try to use battery operated materials
  • Do not swim during a thunderstorm. Rain is questionable but okay. When it comes to thunder and lighting, go inside! 
  • Call your electrician to check and upgrade from compliance with local codes.

By utilizing these tips, you will avoid any pool mishaps during the summer.

If you are concerned that your pool is not up to code, call Chamberlin Electric today at (603)-595-9473 with your questions and concerns.