Keeping Your Summer Energy Costs Down

electricianWhen it comes to saving money, it is always a bonus. It goes without saying that when you can cut your electric bill down, you will easily be more at ease when it comes to monthly bills. When you talk to an electrician, they can tell you that there are easy ways to cut your electricity bill down a few dollars every month. During the summer months when air conditioning is going nearly constantly, it is important that you can find ways to help cut the cost where you can.




Double Check Your Water Heater

One of the most common causes of high electric bills is the water heater. While this will allow you to have comfortable showers, consider checking your heater and see where what temperature it is on. Some appliances need a distinct temperature when it comes to running on hot water, but if they don’t, set it to about 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It will help save a few dollars because you are not relying on your water heater to work as hard.


Take Advantage of Cooler Nights

If you have a night that is cooler, rather than run the air conditioning all night, use the natural cold air and your fan. It will help you get fresh air into the home as well as keep your costs down. Even a few hours can make the difference between your electric bills every month. Just remember to shut the windows before the heat of the day kicks in to try to keep the cold air inside the home.


Avoid the Oven

When it comes to cooking, try to avoid cooking inside in general. It is important that you remember that the cooking heat will heat up your kitchen and make it harder for you to cool the area. While the stovetop doesn’t get too hot, you want to avoid the oven because it takes some time to warm and usually gives off a substantial amount of heat.


Use the Ceiling Fan as Needed

While you may want to try to keep the fan on at all times to continue the circulation, it only benefits you when you’re home. As the fan circulates the air, it doesn’t just cool the air. Fans circulate the air, so you feel the motion, which makes it seem as though it is cooling the air. However, it doesn’t benefit anyone except when you are home.


Keep Your Filters Fresh

It will help you in two ways during the summer. While it helps lessen the electricity needed for the cooling of your appliance, it will also contribute to cool air more efficiently – especially in air filters and the filters for your appliances. By keeping your filters clean, you can be sure that everything will work in top shape, so you don’t need to worry.




When it comes to keeping your electric bill down this summer, these few tips can help you ensure that you save where you can. While you know best how to handle your needs, if you can address anything on this list, you are on a good path to keeping a few extra dollars. For any electrical needs, call an electrician at Chamberlin Electric! We’re happy to help.