The Importance of Commercial Generators

commercial electricianToo many times there is the risk of the power going out during a heat wave or a severe storm. When you run a business, you need to be able to remain “in business” and keep your customers safe. That is why any commercial electrician will recommend that you get a backup generator ready and able at the sign of a power outage. Preparing and knowing that your generator is ready is key to survival. The needs for your business to have a backup generator are crucial. With some help from Diesel Service and Supply and ACF Standby Systems, we can tell you the top ways a generator helps out your business.



Save Money and Keep Food Fresh

Whether you own a cafeteria on site or sell fresh meats and produce, a backup generator helps you save hundreds of dollars worth of food. Fresh meat especially needs refrigeration at all times. Or, it may spoil and go bad. Should this happen, you will need to get rid of a lot of product. In the cafeteria, prepared food needs to get kept at certain temperatures as well. It can only get heated so many times over before it cannot (twice is usually the limit). Once again, you not only lose hundreds of dollars, but you also potentially risk spreading a food-borne illness.


Make Sure You Have Communication and Emergency Lighting

Emergency lights and communication systems are key during any power outage. Many locations have a contingency plan for customers leave the location. Lighting helps their clients see their way out of the site. Also, if you need to contact local authorities, you need to reach out. While batteries can help for a couple of hours, a backup generator will ensure you have access to outside communication should anything happen. Also, ventilation is essential in a building. A crowded space can become stuffy fast, and ventilation keeps the air circulating.


Emergency Centers and Businesses That Are Needed 24/7 Can’t Have Downtime

If you are a medical facility, communication station, or a bank, you cannot risk the chance of a blackout. Patients and other individuals rely on your business, even with power outages. While you get back up on the grid, it is important to remember that even a few minutes without power can be life or death for patients or businesses.


Make Sure You Have A Plan

Even if you have a backup generator, it is important that you have a plan for when the lights go out. You should know how long it will take for the generator to start, which exit the customers should go to, and if there should be an emergency meeting space for the team to talk about what is going on.



A commercial electrician can help you figure out how to correctly wire your backup generator to be connected to your business. If you don’t have one yet, it is time to consider one. For all your other commercial electric needs, call Chamberlin Electric today at (603)-595-9473.