5 Reasons to Buy a Generator in NH

There are many situations and conditions that can leave you without power or electricity.  Making it difficult to carry out needed functions and tasks, the loss of power also can be a costly situation. With the uncertainty of the New England weather, regardless of the season, every homeonwer should consider investing in a backup source of power, such as a home generator.  This article highlights five reasons homeowners should consider purchasing a generator in NH.



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Heating & Cooling Systems


The ever-changing temperatures and weather of New England seasons make it hard to predict when the next storm will be.  Nevermind the end results that will come with the storm. Having a backup generator is essential when it comes to keeping your family safe and comfortable during extreme weather conditions. A generator will help power heating systems operate without interruption during the freezing temps of winter, as well as keep you cool and comfortable with air conditioning during the heat of the summer. Being prepared for every weather condition is a breeze with the installation of a backup generator that works for you.



Refrigerators & Freezers


We’ve all been there; soon after filling the fridge and freezer with a week’s worth of groceries, the power goes out. Hoping that the outage is short lived, prolonged power outages can cause refrigerated and frozen foods to spoil. Thus, with heaps of food to throw in the garbage, as well as the additional costs of another grocery bill. Having a backup generator will allow your large appliances, like refrigerators, to continuously operate; keeping your food safe from spoilage.



Lighting & Electricity


Not only is losing power frustrating and disruptive to deal with, but it can also end up leaving your family in the dark. Instead of fumbling for a flashlight or rounding up every candle in your home, a generator can help ‘shed some light’ on the situation by powering light and electricity in your home. Thus, you and your family can resume most daily tasks without disruption.



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Small Business Operations


Generators not only help to power residential homes, but can also benefit small business owners. For example, restaurants or small food markets that lose their power are faced by costly stock and inventory replacement.  However, an appropriate generator can alleviate the situation, and keep businesses afloat during these times. Furthermore, if other businesses are down and you’re up and running, you’re looking to potentially increase sales by being available to consumers while others are not.



For more information on selecting and purchasing a generator in NH, contact the professionals at Chamberlin Electric 603-595-9473. As a full service electrical contractor, our team has the experience and knowledge to help both residential and commercial customers with all of their NH generator requirements.  With over 1,000 generators under our belt, you can confidence that you’re in the best hands with Chamberlin Electric.