4 Reasons to Call a Residential Electrician This Spring

It’s official. Spring has arrived in New England. For many, this time of year means heading outdoors and tackling the honey-do list. However, for many more, the warmer months mean taking life outdoors and enjoying every moment to its fullest. With this in mind, what if we told you that your local residential electrician could help take things to the next level?


It’s true! In this article, the professionals from Chamberlin Electric provide you with a few ways you may (or may not) have thought about to enhance your outdoor living.



Even though the days are longer, people tend to stay outside longer. So, having illuminated pathways to guide your guests ensures an aesthetically pleasing and safe environment for all! Depending on the landscape, your electrician will work with you to provide unique and innovative lighting ideas to showcase your nighttime beauty.


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Outdoor Living

Let’s face it; the Spring and Summer seasons are some of the most anticipated. However, they also seem to be the shortest here in New England. With this in mind, heading outdoors as much as possible is always the goal! With the help of your local residential electrician, you can turn indoor living to the outdoors with ease.


From beautifully lit patios to added power outlets for outdoor speakers, the possibilities are truly endless.


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Pool Areas 

One of the best parts of the summer months is swimming! Whether day or night, a pool area requires adequate power. From filters to vacuums, lighting to music, your pool is the showcase of entertainment. However, having proper power that is up to code becomes imperative – especially given the wet environment. 


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Regardless of the time of year, showing your driveway with lighting is one of the best ways to enhance curb appeal. From in ground spot lighting to lamp posts lining the way, your electrician will work with you to provide a unique solution that enhances your property.


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Now that your wheels are turning, it’s time to pick up the phone and start the warm seasons off right with the help of your residential electrician! Not sure who to call? Do yourself a favor and save time by calling the number one team in Southern New Hampshire – Chamberlin Electric. Since 1989, our team has provided the most trusted, highest quality service in the region!


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